Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recent Joy

My new grandpa! (pictures to come later :)
When grandma sings
Surprise visit from from my Brazilian family 
Harp music
Wild blueberry crops to come
Aunt Lyn joy
Cross-cultural Issues class
Paul and Petra - energetically teaching life lessons
God's gracious providences
A Danish blessing sung 

Mothers day celebrations
Grandpa Ken making hickory whistles for all us kids
Blasting ridiculous noises across the fields
Fat green figs swelling under fragrant leaves
Twin kids - only a day old!
Cuddling the soft little ones
Fuzzy chicks scuttling like a lost cloud
His old blue grass records

Kiwi - found with a song
Practical parables of God's heart
Sunlight treetops
Evening light warming wood floors
Hammocks slung sturdy
Quartet fun
Sock skating on slick floors
A metal turning demonstration
Clover fields - sweet smelling in the sun


Christy Joy said...

They all sound so wonderful! We'll be seeing you SOON!!!

Caitlin said...

Yes! And then you will be my present joy :)

Lynda Hammond said...

Hi Caitlin,
I found your blog while preparing a message on Pathways of Peace, which led me to Psalm 84.. I love your blog on this passage, and I love the heart of worship it expresses. Just wanted to say so :)
God bless you,
Lynda, (Desert Rain)

Caitlin said...

Dear Linda,
I'm so glad that it was a blessing! It certainly has encouraged my heart - just glad that i can share :)