Thursday, February 28, 2008


Shaila perfers life to be straight, neat and tidy.

I perfer life to be curly and spontaneously unpredictable.

Recently we were laughing about how different and yet how similar we are - and this inspired the making of the following list of common opinions:

Chocolate is good but overrated

Tea sipping is soothing

Children should be homeschooled

Horses (idealistically) are the best mode of transportation

Music is the language of the soul

A girl never outgrows playing dress-up

Friends are gifts from God to be treasured

Desire to have snowy white hair in the winter season of life

Morning is the most productive time of day

Firm handshakes speak of strong character

Sighs and sound effects are more fluent then words

Make-up is to be avoided at all costs

Thrift stores are the places to shop

Purses are unnecessary - everything can fit in my bible case

Caves, stairwells, and bathrooms are the best places to sing

Backrubs cannot be given to hard

People are like music boxes

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cohutta Wilderness

John Eliot made a dirt compass by finding the East-West line using the shadow of the sun.

Christy Craft

Back country surgery

Analizing a handful of trail-mix