Monday, April 30, 2012

Gardeners in Peace

The words to this hymn has been in my mind often during the past few months as we have been building a garden. Much to think on. . .  For the Beauty of Meadows ~ Hymn #640.

For the beauty of meadows, for grandeur of trees,
For flowers of woodlands, for creatures of seas,
For all You created and gave us to share,
We praise You, Creator, extolling Your care.

As stewards of beauty received at Your hand,
As creatures who hear Your most urgent command,
We turn from our wasteful destruction of life,
Confessing our failures, confessing our strife.

Teach us once again to be gardeners in peace;

All nature around us is ours but on lease;

Your name we would hallow in all that we do,
Fulfilling our calling, creating with You.


Kelsey said...

Ahh. I see you are growing Kiwis ;-) Looks awesome, Caitlin!

Family Recipes said...

I don't see brick and dirt. I see a garden with green and flowers gracefully and delicately flowing over the the brick. Vegetables and fruit and flowers bursting within the walls. Going to work on my garden now. :)

Kristin said...

THat sounds like a beautiful hymn :) I'd love to learn it.