Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ice Roses

God is teaching me "to stop and smell the roses", and has blessed me with many fragrant blossoms. However, Sabbath morning was the first time I have found a scentless rose!
These delicate beauties bloom overnight under conditions that would freeze their colorful sisters of the more succulent type.

After a little research on this fragile phenomenon, I found that this happens during dramatic temperature changes - the air is below freezing, while inside the stalk and under the ground, the water is still a very cold liquid. As the water begins to freeze it is squeezed out of porous surfaces and sculpted into abstract ribbons, which sometimes resemble roses.
There are many spiritual applications that could be drawn from these little sculptures...
1. Drastic temperature changes in our lives (aka. crisis of every sort) can create beautifully sculpted works of Divine art.
2. Details of life create the pixels of the full color photo that God would like to frame with His love and glory.
3. Out of a dying stalk, come expressions of graceful beauty.
I could continue... but I would love to hear what your wiggling dendrites come up with!

I'm very grateful to my dear friend Karissa, for sharing her beautiful discovery with me :) she is a lovely rose through every season!

If you would like to read / see more about ice roses check out this site:
Dr. James Carter is a professor at Illinois State University, and has some interesting photographs and information on the topic.