Tuesday, March 8, 2011


One of the common side effects of chemo is mouth soreness. It is currently my only lingering symptom from the second round of chemo. Gratefully, both my roommate and sister know me so well that most of my grunts, facial expressions, and improvised sign language are generally understood. Even brief phone conversations with them consisting on my part of only mms... and hmms tweaked with a variety of tonalities have been successful!

However, after several days of not talking I've been really missing the simple ability of verbal communication. Just to speak a complete sentence again without pain will be wonderful! I've taken to pulling up a blank word document and typing my half of the conversation in it for any conversational needs of length.

It surprised me how half of a conversation could so quickly fill several pages. It can take on a nonsensical appearance quickly - especially if talking to two people at once.

All these words in our lives. The river of daily chatter. Most of it not worthy of archiving yet important for relationships and necessary for getting anything accomplished together.

And I wonder . . . what if I craved prayer the way I crave to speak?

What if my communication with Heaven could be unbroken?

A river of daily chatter with God.


Christen said...

Hmm...good point. And I like your metaphor. :)

Steve said...

Your words flow like the Psalms, a heart for God. You are His witness and are a precious soul. I wish ..., I wish. God is glorified in you, I just wish you didn't have to suffer.
Little Steve

Chopsticks on Oboe said...

That's beautiful Caitlin! You are always inspiring!

Cindy said...

I'm SO glad you're talking again! Isn't wonderful that God understands our mmms and hmmms to Him, as well?

4Hisgloryforever said...

Such a profound thought. Funny how close the physical world sometimes lies to spiritual realities. I am glad you can talk, but glad that your experience shared with us this thought.