Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here. . . is worship

Newly turned earth under my green running shoes crumbles away from my steps and I wonder why in the shadow of the house I thought to go back for a scarf. Unlayering, I pause for my tremoloing heart to slow.

Fresh air carries sunlight into my lungs and I grin back at the mountain behind me, and then turn to the half a mountain yet to climb. The new trail blends into an old switchback. I've walked this one once before a long time ago when Alice and I meandered long about life, love, and God.

My feet climb steady again. And I smile, remembering children feet flying along bluffs and fields and the blue of mountain ridges framing their world. An echo of the same color in the mountains that surround these hills. Sun fills my eyes as I top the trail breathless.

Sheer beauty flung as far as my eyes can see. The hearty wind dries my joy tears before they can spill far and tosses the crows higher into the updraft from the valley floor. They soar and dive and chase each other into the sun. Laughter spins me too - to be here again! On this trail my heart knew so well. To breathe in this 360 view once more - to be alive!

I try to memorize it all over again with my eyes. From rock to rock I travel along this bridge between worlds until I find a perfect granite perch in the sun. Folding up, face into the wind, I drink long and silent.

Emptying myself of words.


Joel said...

Reading your post brings to mind vivid memories of my own high points. Thank you for sharing :)

Elissa said...

Wow, your words resonate with so many different feelings and experiences in my heart.. to be on the mountain, breathless with joy.
Caitlin, this is probably the most beautiful blog post I've ever read. Thank-you for continuing to bring beauty and rejoicing into everyone else's lives while you experience your own hilltops and valleys.

tamie said...

Beautiful Caitlin! Praying for you to continue experiencing those empowering high points!

freda said...

Caitlin... you r an inspiration 2 all....u r truely amazing... keep it up. U are loved by all who know u!!!!I can tell u r loved by many. from reading your blog I can tell that you are a great writer as well as a great vocalist....all of our prayers are with u !!!!!U r truely inspiring!!

Ansley said...

Caitlin--I'd love to email you. What email address are you using these days? Mine is

Much love.

AlliD said...
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AlliD said...

Caitlin your words are inspiring. I share your love of the beauty of the mountains and I thank God every day being so blessed as to have the opportunity to live in them. I love you dear cousin, and I pray for you and think of you every day!
- Allison

Alice Elizabeth said...

Dearest Caitlin,
It is such a blessing to read your words. God works through you in ways you will never know on this earth, and uses you to bless the lives of others around you. I remember the walk you spoke of in this post. I wish I had taken more time to walk with you, dear friend. I miss you.
You are always in my prayers. Keep standing tall in His strength.
Alice Elizabeth