Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Last week I read the book "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. An exquisitely written journey of learning gratitude in ordinary, mundane, and even in the hard places that fill our earth days.

In response to pondering these insights, I have been writing a list of 1,000 blessings to enhance my awareness of His love. It has been delightful! There is a joy in acknowledging the beauty around me that I often rush past, and writing them down is a way to say Thank-you! I am surrounded by the symphony of His love - expressed in these - and so much more!

Here is a sampling from my journal:

1 Morning Sunlight on my face
5 That my cancer is only stage III
7 Sky puddles spring blue
9 Pussy-willow velvet
10 A new palm frond opening
14 A hemoglobin of 13
15 Wearing wool warmth
16 Chickadees wiping their beaks
17 Last years leaves underfoot
28 Breathing
30 Early stillness
37 Spring taste in snow peas
46 Jennie's cooking
49 Strength to clean up supper
50 Breath to climb the hill
55 New fallen snow
57 Sore legs, muscles building
58 Luscious raspberries
59 Snow dust dancing
63 White tissue paper and raffia
70 Christy hugs
72 Planning surprises under the sink
75 Sabbath
76 Balsam Wreath Candle
83 Violin cello medley
85 Guitar songs by Timothy
86 Wooden frog calls
87 Ivan's humor
88 Daddy's laughter
92 Friends filling the house
96 Close harmony
97 Nana's prayers
100 Joel's visit
101 Sudanese children singing praises
108 Wind in my hair
109 Squirrels tumbling through leaves
111 Mrs. Eller's faith
115 Cardinal's sunrise song
117 Prismed light on cupboards
120 Eyes to breath in wonder
124 Roses from Daddy
124 Picnicking along the Tennessee River
128 Windy Ridge-tops
131 Megan's voice like island sunshine
134 Rest for the journey
135 Kelsey's gift of beautiful music
138 Elgar Enigma variations - Nimrod
137 Hayden string quartet in C, Op. 76
139 Cards from cousin Zeb's 5th grade class
140 Laughing so hard I cried
141 Her rendition of the 23rd Psalm
143 Rutter's choral compositions
145 Nathan hugs
146 Dramatic exclamations by Christy
147 Parrot feet on my neck
150 One more walk with Christy Joy
153 For the color purple


Irdene said...

We do have so many things to be thankful for, but so often take them for granted. Thanks for your positive outlook on life and your trust in God, and the reminder of all we have around us that is a blessing from God.

Kelsey said...

Caitlin, I've really appreciated that blog! Thanks for linking it from yours! I added it to my site also :-) I'm glad you've enjoyed the book, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

Caitlin said...

I'm glad you're coming Kelsey! It will be a treat to see you :)

Cindy said...

You, my Gift of God, are on my list, and very close to the top!

Yvonne said...

Caitlin, dear, Your posts are such a huge blessing! What an awesome idea to write down the small blessings that cross our paths everyday and then review them later! It's true--we so often pass by the small things that God sends our way to encourage us. Hope to see you the week-end after this when Phoebe and Nana and I are coming up. Love you and pray for you.

healthycells said...

Caitlin, what a wonderful idea. What if we all started a list of 1,000? Think I'll start mine today. Thank you for leading the way!