Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In My Father's House

"Tyranny at any time in man's history demands loyalty."

"Corrie, what you do among these people is of little importance in the eyes of men, but I'm sure in God's eyes it is the most valuable work of all." ~ Casper Ten Boom

I have always been inspired and challenged by the stories of Corrie Ten Boom and her work in the underground in the Netherlands during WWII. Yet it was only when I began reading this book that I learned that she was fifty years old when she started this work. This book is the first in a series that chronicles her life experiences. It recounts the important lessons and events during the earlier years that prepared her for the darkness of the war and the unique ministry God gave her as a result of her experiences.

Do not ask "What can I do?" but "What can He not do?"

"I experienced the miracle that the highest potential of God's love and power is available to us in the trivial things of everyday life."

"When Jesus takes your hand He keeps you tight.
When Jesus keeps you tight He leads you through life.
When Jesus leads you through life,
He brings you safely home."