Monday, August 30, 2010

"But doubts and loves dig up the world..."

The Sufi poem that I posted in the previous post was quoted in the book "It's Really All About God - Reflections of a Muslim Atheist Jewish Christian", by Samir Selmanovic. It is a thought provoking book that has enhanced the colors in my understanding of God. Though I differ significantly on a few points, the majority of what I have read so far has allowed me to borrow the religious glasses of other worldviews and consider life as they live it and their experiences and understanding of the Unseen One.

Here is another poem he included in the chapter where the author shared his personal journey - A story of Croatia, the Soviet Union, and becoming the first Christian in a large Muslim family.

Written by an Israeli poet, Yehuda Amichai:

The Place Where We Are Right

From the place where we are right
flowers will never grow
in the spring.

The place where we are right
is hard and trampled
like a yard.

But doubts and loves
dig up the world
like a mole, a plow.

And a whisper will be heard in the place
where the ruined
house once stood.

"Giving up being right about God, about life, about ourselves, is a process of emptying. When emptied of our need to be in charge of all the answers we open ourselves to the stories of people we have always thought we knew. And as we listen and speak, we find our differing and difficult stories woven together, whole and beautiful for the whole universe to see." p. 43


greenchickadee said...

I have read parts of this book and I really loved it also. I struggle with hanging on to tradition, but his book really opened me up much more to percieving other people as being children of God, no matter what their religious orientation. Thanks for sharing the poetry!

Shaila Meharry said...

Thank you.
I love you sister.