Saturday, March 30, 2013

Caitlin's Memorial Service Video

Caitlin's Memorial Service:

The service was Sat Mar 30, 2013.
The video is still available to watch at:

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Kates said...

I don't know if anyone will receive this message. In a conversation with an SDA parent at my daughter, Ariana's school this evening, I learned that dear, dear Caitlin wasn't on this earth with us anymore. My heart is breaking. I know, though, that she was ok with her lot in life no matter what it was. Caitlin was always pure love, joy and contentment. I remember once her telling me that I had made a positive impact in her life. She actually thanked me. This was so surprising to me, as I would have had those roles switched in my head always. Caitlin, thank you for all that you were and are for me. Thank you for loving me and for thanking me...for your humility and your smile, your song, your music...your laugh...your beautiful writing and photos...your earnest prayers that were cries to the God that you loved with your entire being...I miss you. Every once in a while you've crossed your mind and I thought you were still out there touching people...I guess maybe you are. Whoever left Caitlin's blog here, Thank you.

With love and heartache, but still a smile,

Miss Katie