Friday, March 29, 2013

Caitlin's Life Purpose

Caitlin’s life purpose was to serve and bless others with God’s loveShe surrendered completely to Him, and God’s love poured through her. She always thought of others first and sought to bring comfort and encouragement. Her goal was to lift others to Jesus.
She was always counting ­blessings and looking for the good. She never questioned why she had cancer. She put her trust in God to work out the greatest good.  Even amid suffering she never complained about her circumstances or stopped living a joyful life. Don’t worry God can see around the corners. We can trust Him.”
Caitlin loved music.  She played the violin and piano, and sang hymns to express joy and to strengthen her courage. “God gave us music so we can pray without words.”

Her infectious smile radiated the joy she had in Jesus. When she wasn't smiling, it was because she was comforting someone in sorrow.  She was well known for her heart-to-heart talks with people. She always made time to listen and encourage others­. 

She wrote: “Here is my heart in the shape of my hand. These fingers extend thoughts and treasures of my heart. Expressed in time and touch, reaching out to lift your burdens, to relieve a load of pain. To applaud your success or help in defense. To catch your tears and help wounds heal. Caring and sharing life together. Here is my heart.

Through her entire journey, even to the last breath, she had unquestioning trust and was not afraid.
She wrote, This is just the simple peace that results from God - from me learning to know His heart is a safe place for every moment of life. Every moment is a gift. There is a joy in that. This brings true peace.”

As this world is changing and drawing every day closer to its end, the greatest tribute any of us can make to Caitlin is to commit our lives to God and loving others. We must do all we can to carry forw­­­ard the light that she shone into our lives,­­ spreading it to all those in our path. 

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