Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cathedrals in time

A thousand steps of praise.
A thousand cathedrals in time.
A thousand moments lived.

In this counting of His gifts I have discovered new dimensions in the architecture of the present. It has been the beautiful beginning of a journey - of learning to have grateful eyes. Grateful eyes and a trusting heart not only in the sunbeams of spring but even in the midst of devastation, grief, and loss. To give thanks in all things. . .

Here are pieces of my journey:

640 Apple blossoms outside the kitchen window
641 Cardinals kissing in the rain
679 Resolving chord progressions
685 Packages on the porch
705 Flames of dainty columbine
707 A protected cove
712 Wood smoke scent
720 Kerosene lamp light
759 Organized drawers
791 Letters from the Philippines
805 Familiar faces in the hospital
829 Nest-full of baby blue birds
830 True humility
838 Sisters creek-walking
841 Walking behind the falls
857 Wild roses
860 Sunlight gold through green
875 Worship at Kristin's house
877 Ms. Trudy's love and prayers
878 Hindi mothers
887 My hymnal
896 Sweet joy
907 Peppers of many colors
916 Saralyn comfort
919 Verses of hope
921 Storm preparation
924 Strength of trees in the wind
946 Awareness of humanness
947 Colors after a storm
949 Butterflies dancing
953 Polite drivers when traffic lights are out
954 Pumpkin bread baking
963 Worries turned into prayers
971 My paramedic neighbor
972 All those who worked 24 hour shifts through the storm
974 Search and rescue teams
977 Last day events
980 A Louisiana water thrush
982 Wearing moccasins together
991 Talking to Shama on the phone
998 Stories of deliverance
999 Peace in the night
1000 This moment


Christen said...

Thank you for the reminder that there's A LOT to appreciate in life. So often I take the little things for granted, but really, life is mostly made up of the little things. :)

Kelsey said...

Congrats to 1000! Love you, and thanks for the inspiration :-)

Joel said...

Love these! They're just flashes, but like lightning on a dark night, they illuminate reality. Thanks.

Bethany said...

Beautiful, beautiful words. And beautiful, thoughtful words. Thanks for sharing.

4Hisgloryforever said...

This is inspiring... I need to start writing in my thank you journal again. These thoughts are such a blessing and it is nice to have a small glimpse into your world.