Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gangly to Graceful

When I sewed a very long seam to fast and and then realized the fabric was flipped to the wrong side, my mom offered to rip it out for me.... I used to detest ripping out seams.

When my physics teacher let me sit in his office an hour every day when I needed help figuring out my homework.

When I tore my skirt in an awkward jump over a barbed wire fence and Grandma's patient fingers made it like new again.

When my sister doesn't remind me that I'm wrong.

When my gas tank was on empty and I got stuck in a traffic jam for two hours - and my car didn't run out.

When my brother carries the load that I cannot.

When neither myself nor my family could afford the school bill, and someone gave enough.

When my words are sharp and too quick, my roommate with her quiet gentle ways reminds me: "I love you!" Or when she bought me toothpaste before I even realized I was running low.

When Daddy gets down on his hands and knees to sop up the grape juice I spilled on the light carpet.

I am not by nature kind or gracious, but all the wonderful people in my life have lived out Grace and graced my heart. Reteaching me the notes I've forgotten and coaxing my heart to sing.

Undeserved. Unexpected. Unusual.



Christen said...

Thanks, Caitlin. :) I can remember many a time when you lived out grace for me too. I'm so glad you were my suite mate!

Caitlin said...

haha - Christen you're sweet! I'm glad we got to live next door to each other too! ... We all need grace from God and each other - Sometimes seems that I need it more then the average person though :)