Friday, January 28, 2011

Comfort Spills


The Father of all mercies.
The God of all comfort.

Comforts me.

In all my tribulation.So that I may be able to comfort anyone in trouble. With God comfort.

As suffering abounds in me, my consolation in Christ abounds.

If I am afflicted, if I am comforted, it is because God is able to bring salvation and comfort to others that will enable them to endure, to persevere along their own earth journey.

And my hope for you is strong and sure. I know from personal experience that your suffering will never outweigh the consolation of God's comfort.

Life's burdens are immeasurable - beyond the capabilities of my strength.

Even though I have the sentence of death in myself . . . in this present case - stage III cancer. . . I learn to not trust myself - but to trust my God - the God who raises the dead. Who also resurrects the dead places of my heartscape, bringing quietude, grace, and life.

God has delivered me from the death of hope. He is delivering. He will continue to deliver.

And you, dear ones, by joining in prayer for and with me, create a geyser of human gratitude for the gift of our God's comfort and grace.

A gift that grows from heart to heart.

Paraphrased by Caitlin

2nd Corinthians Chapter 1:3-11


Bill said...
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Bill said...

Great-uncle Bill here: Caitlin, my heart rejoices and my eyes fill with tears as you affirmed your Trusting-Faith in this paraphrase. I know you know you can Trust GOD in your "present situation". Caitlin, had you ever heard the story of "Fruitcake & Ice Cream" from the Passion Talk series by Lou Giglio?

Amy said...

:) I love you Caitlin! You are in my prayers.

Kelsey said...

Mmmm. I love that verse, Caitlin! I am encouraged to see you using the weapon of praise! :-)

Christen said...

That's beautiful.

Nicole said...

My dearest Caitlin,
I just learned of all that has been happening in your life. I am in shock, but praising God for His blessing of your friendship and your strength. I love you with all of my heart and am praying for you. With your permission I will have you placed on the 3ABN prayer chain first thing Monday morning. If there is an email address that you wouldn't mind me giving them please let me know. Some of the prayer warriors like to send encouragement. I love you and pray we shall see each other again soon.
Your sister in Christ,
Nicole (Issa) Warren

PS. my email is

shama said...

Caitlin, I wish I could talk to you. I wish I could be with you. You have been on my heart each and every day. About 12 of the missionaries here(including but not limited to Brian, Allie, & I)had a special prayer session for you on friday night. I love the skirts that you made--they are perfect!!! Know that I am with you in thought and prayer. Love you so much.

Linda said...

Praying for you!

Heather said...

So encouraging! Thank you Caitlin for these inspiring words. It is the inner comforting and victories that most matter. You are being lifted up in prayer all over the world and God is holding you very close.