Monday, March 8, 2010


I've never been afraid of a child.
And I wasn't afraid of him -
I was simply confused -
a four-year-old trying to beat me up?
I've seen anger. I've seen pain.
But he caught me off guard -
challenging my authority,
questioning my faith...
"But I can't see Him!"

"God, I'm unprepared,
inadequate, naive'...
What can be said to calm
such a boiling, churning heart?"

Consistent love, patient time,
frustrated prayers, gentle eyes...

As imperceptible as spring...
An unprompted "Thank you".
The absence of fighting,
his natural boyish voice.

He's actually sharing!
He's teaching a song!
No need for 'time out', no angry shouts.
Helpful with cleaning, reasoning well.
My heart grins with delight
at this miracle unfolding.
Then chatting over colored blocks,
He matter-of-factly states;
"I miss you guys all week."

1 comment:

Teddy said...

:) Its the little things that make the biggest difference in life