Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Suggly Chicken

My appreciation for birds is growing the longer I live with a parrot (my roommate's bird)
Here are a few snippets of his personality / quirks:

Signs of sleepiness: scent gets sweeter, his beak gets hot, the tucked up foot gets warm, and his balance and coordination are less reliable.
He also sleep talks into his feathers.

Thinks that my shirt is an excellent place to wipe his beak!
Is potty trained 98% of the time :)
An opportunist who likes to test taste everything!
Tries to sit on my hands when I'm typing :)

He loves shower time - and finds the hairdryer an especially beneficial preening tool!
Likes to be snuggled upside down like a baby - for limited amounts of time :)
Specializes in opening cupboards and climbing all household furniture.

Favorite food - anything I'm eating.
Favorite chemical solution - Windex, then mop water.
Prefers to be spoken to in Portuguese.

Flick, flick!


Jen said...

Smee! puff puff.

Caitlin said...

Opps! the post title should read:
Snuggly chicken. I wonder where the n went!