Tuesday, October 6, 2009


At the beginning of the summer my little brother and I decided to do the triathalon together, and we've talked about it off and on since then.
This sabbath when I went to his concert at GCA I asked "Are you ready for tomorrow?"
"What's tomorrow?" He nonchalantly replied.
I love my Nathan!
Pumped to be racing!
Shaila running Nathan in
Joel running Christy in
1/2 a mile swim, 18 miles mountain biking, and 4 miles of running later....
Proud to be done!
Minnows Gullet - my last minute team - am I the minnow? I forgot to ask how they came up with the name!
To: God for the ability to race - and who inspires my heart every step!
To: my family who always cheers me on!
To: brother Nathan - my lifelong buddy!
To: my amazing roommate for all the great tips and borrowed gear!


Christy Joy said...

!! Awesome! I didn't realize Nathan hadn't realized until the day before... lol!

I'm glad you're mom got a picture of Joel and I! I was hoping someone did! What wonderful siblings we have! :)

healthycells said...

You're all the best!!!

Caitlin said...

yeah - I thought he was kidding - but he wasn't! When he realized it was the next day he got all excited! He did a great job for using a mountain bike and not training :)

Katie said...

ah girl that looks so awesome!! good for you! ;-)

Andrew Whtilow said...

congratulations! I missed doing it this year.