Monday, October 19, 2009

Singer on the Sand

Preface: I have decided to do a series of blogs on inspiring books. Some of my favorites as wel as current literature explorations.

Singer on the Sand is (to-date) my all-time favorite mission story. I have read it every few years throughout my life - most recently this past summer to my junior girls at Camp Cherokee.

It begins with this beautiful description of an island sunrise...

"The sun had not yet risen above the hills of Great Sangir, but already the first bright light touched the volcano and tipped it with purple fire. The lower part of the smoking mountain still lay in shadow, and its buttresses ran out into the ocean like the green, mossed-over roots of a giant stump, rotted away to a dull point."

And so begins the day of the arrival of a missionary family to this remote tropical island. This peaceful begining soon churns into an incredible acount of a spiritual battle that climaxes in a volcanic eruption and a massive tidal wave that threatens to destroy the entire village.

This story brings a whole new meaning to Martin Luther's "A might fortress is our God." You will find yourself singing the island translation; "A mighty mountain is our God. A wall that will not falter", and believing with a deeper level of faith then you previously thought possible.

Click here for the first several chapters in the book Singer on the Sand for a more complete prelude. Or look for it in a library near you!


The View from Great Island said...

I love this book! It's a treasure. Thanks for giving it some PR, anyone who reads it will be blessed. Please keep sharing, it's an opportunity to meet new book friends. (which can become very good friends indeed)

John H said...

I agree, great book! Have you ever read Bruchko?

Sem Muhaling said...

The story in this book is about evangelization in the past on our tribe at Sangihe Island in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Thanks for your review.