Monday, March 24, 2008

A Musical Invasion of the Netherlands

Resting music


If the shoe fits - wear it!
Hacking in the Elevator of course!


Most urgent negotiations on the trade of cheese across the Baltic Sea
StealthMen with "their feet in the clay"


Anonymous said...

See please here

Jonas said...

awesome photographs caitlin!

what a fun trip.

Caitlin said...

:) I've been meaning to post them for awhile, but it took me entirely to long to actually sit down and do it!

bekah said...

don't you miss Holland?

Caitlin said...

:) Yes! It was wonderful!
But I think that 10 ish days is the optimal number of days to live out of a suitcase ;) It's nice to be able to do laundry and feel somewhat more organized.

Little Christen said...

Great pictures Caitlin! But even better was the personal viewing complete with narration, laughs, and tea a few weeks ago. We should have more of those parties! :D

Kristin said...

Your pictures are amazing! I love them :) You have an eye for beauty and picture perfect moments. Not to mention, you caught some pretty good expressions on John's face :P

Chopsticks on Oboe said...

Nice pictures Caitlin! I had so much fun on that trip! We will have to do some more orchestra tours in the future (or you can visit me in Norway!).