Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Fourth Man in Christys' Life

Kiwi, Rabbit, Bullfrog, Bubbles, Bunny, Goldfish, Fishbowl, Mr. Grumpy Gills, Donut, Puppy, Bird, Birdo

Official Title
Supervisor in Chief of all Human Activities
Tax Collector - 15% tax in the currency of whatever meal is being served

Outsmarting Jen (my human) Disclamer - only successful on rare occasions.
Meeting new people
Climbing bushes ext.
Popping Balloons

Favorite Foods
Ice cream, freash spinich, sweet potatoes, special K loaf, animal crakers, brussel sprouts.
Non food items - laundry soap, tubes of acrylic paint, plants, windex, mop water

Favorite Mode of Transportation
Remote control Truck, Handle bars of Jens' bike at break-neck speeds, shoulders, repelling down long hair.

"Step Up!"
and almost "PHYSICS"

Sparrows! Cows! Any other bird! Going hungery! Airplanes! Shopping carts! Costume Parties!


Kristin said...

I noticed that dressing up in Santa and angel costumes was not on your list of hobbies. Perhaps Jen never got that memo ;)

Linda said...

Kiwi is a fun bird! Looks like you're a big fan! Thanks so much for the encouraging comment! Keep me in your prayers-He has a place for me this summer! And I know know He does for u too!