Friday, January 19, 2007


"The primordial splendor would tolerate no pettiness; Majesty and power spoke their own language. It thrust deep into me. It pulled and insisted that life was precious - all of life... It cried that all effort was worthwhile; that doubt and fear and discouragement were a desecration of beauty, that hope was always right. It insisted that small achievement was not enough; that hopes and dreams must be large enough to stand up beside those soaring summits and not once bow their heads in shame."
- Catherine Marshall, Christy


Kristin said...

This is beautiful... And doubt, fear and discouragement are more than a desecration of beauty; they're a pain inflicted on God, a sign of our mistrust of him. Thinking about all the times I've doubted, still doubt, and get discouraged, it saddens my heart to think of the pain I've caused the one I claim to love.

Caitlin said...

mmm... yes I deeply agree