Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Grandma

When I was little - I most strongly associated my grandma with good books. Mostly because she would always bring books for us grandkids every time she visited! Through the years I have learned more of the dimensions of her character and beautiful heart. And this is just a little glimpse of one of my favorite people. . .

(photo by my mom)

My grandma is adventurous, fun-loving, and the most practical and hard working person I know. I love listening to her incredible stories of God's provision in hard times. Some of my favorites coming from the years she and Papa worked in Brazil. This next picture is when we were walking down an old road out in the jungle together. A wonderful memory in which we walked with multiple Blue Morpho butterflies floating their iridescence down the trail.

Her name is Ardis Opal - and she is
an organizational genius.
Prepared for everything.
And can mend or fix anything!

She really enjoys playing softball.
She really doesn't like broccoli.
She likes the color purple.
And she loves time with her family!

I love -
Her neatly written lists for everything and spotlessly scrubbed house.
Her marked up Sabbath school lessons filled with good notes.
How she underlines good magazine articles and cuts them out to share.
How much fun she and her siblings have when they get together!

I love -
Listening to her sing - because her heart has walked the words.
Meandering along footpaths as she points out different bird calls.
Listening to her chattering along in Portuguese with an English accent.
And her little intonations of delight when she sees something she likes.

I love -
That she would rather finish a meal with something salty than sweet.
Her canoe camping pictures from Canadian wilderness treks.
Our relatives in Brazil - who are family because of her big heart.
Her steady faith through each stage of life - even widowhood.

I love -
That God bloomed surprise for her in an unexpected place and my grandma fell in love - head over heels in love! And that this past April she married a wonderful man. Their journey together this year has spilled beauty over into the lives of all around them.

I love you Grandma!


Cindy said...

I love your poem! And that last picture is a classic!

shama said...

That's so sweet! Grandmas are amazing. :)

healthycells said...

Caitlin, this is so beautiful. I love the picture of your Grandma that you have painted in this blog! Thank you for sharing!