Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life Serenade

Joyful hymns from many fingers.
Breathing in the White Mountain panoramas.

Wildflower grace.
Reflections rippling quietude around a canoe.

Loon music dancing through night shadows 
harmonizing with the star mingled moonlight.

Creative lifewords by Emily and Jacob
And maple syrup lessons in heart refinement.

Golden feathered finches breakfasting on
Heavy headed sunflowers blessing the sunrise.

Digging new potatoes ten feet from the back door, 
feasted upon with oven roasted garlic and garbanzos.

A blackberry loving horse who snoops 
unashamedly into the picking basket.

Drinking green smoothies in between 
measures of Motzart piano sonatas. 

When windstorms zap electricity and offer 
gentle lamplight and and porch serenades to fireflies.

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