Monday, October 24, 2011

Kaleidescope of Simplicity

I have been back home for a while now. I told myself that it is my catch-up list that has gotten in the way of posting an update, but in all honesty I have been entirely intimidated. Attempting to condense and quantify the restoration I experienced on our road trip is not an easy task. And still the sentences elude me. So I shall offer you simple words from simple days.

Country roads
Piano friends
An eagles' flight
Uncle Tim and Aunt Lyn
Grace filled words
Sunlit window seat napping
Curly cedar shavings
White oak splits
Wood stove warmth
Salt scented air
Geese winging far
Garden fresh salads
Thick down comforters
Flannel sheets
Berries in applesauce
Steady tides
Chapel benches
Learning deep
Patient teachers
Woolen socks
Balsam strength
View finding
Dreams sprouting
Rita's hugs
Gratitude bounding
Inspiring books
Tears of release
A golden ginkgo at sunset
Sturdy steps
Divine provision


Jackie said...

Sometimes the best experiences are hard to put into words because words don't do them justice. I'm so glad your trip was joyful!

Christen said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you were able to take a vacation. :D