Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shy smile. . .

"Oh - I remember you!"

Her face brightened from behind the tall counter. Twirling the sign-in pen I tried to match her face among the hundreds of other hospital employees that I've met during the past months of chemo and surgery. . . No results found.

"I drew your blood when you came into the ER! How are you doing? Did they figure out what was wrong?"

Her warm remembrance surprised me. An obscure late night over 8 months ago? Remembered among countless other patients on her shift? Shy shoe-scuffing bewilderment.

Briefly summarizing the past months I tried to show how much God has blessed. It is good to recount His provision. And today she is one of them - offering the gift of remembrance.

If humans can be so gracious - what then does it mean to be remembered by God's heart?


Kelli Jean said...

I don't think anyone could forget you Caitlyn! You bring sunshine everywhere you go! :)

Cindy said...

Oh Sweetie, it means everything! Written on His hands, held in His heart - aren't we so very blessed?! I love you! And by the way, with your bright smile and sweet ways - you are quite unforgettable to humans as well!

Christen said...

I second the previous comments. They said what I wanted to say, but even better. Love you! :)