Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Milestone

Today I made bread for the first time since early January! I absolutely love making bread, but I haven't had the energy to do it or much else in the cooking department. So taking advantage of a window of relative perkiness before my next round of chemo, I mixed and poured and smiled! I had to sit down and put the bowl on a chair in front of me to knead it. This method worked quite well - and the tall brown loaves turned out delicious! I forgot to take pictures of the end result - but you know what bread looks like :)

Grateful today for:

Baby birds still learning to fly
Guitar music
Flour on my hands
Flax seed
Vacuumed carpet
Books by Elizabeth Elliot
Crusty fresh slices of bread
Cold cantaloupe melting in my mouth
Soft hats
Scarves of color
Basil plants
New rootlets sprouting on cuttings
Brilliant zinnias on the table


Christen said...

Hurray! I've always loved your bread. Yum :D Glad you got to make it again!

Tammy said...

Your positive attitude is an inspiration to me Caitlin!! I just passed the 6 year survivor mark for my third cancer, but have been having so many long-term problems since this last cancer. Your comments and attitude have really helped me!!

You are in my thoughts and constant prayers!! I am praying for your strength and courage!! Keep believing!!

Sending love and hugs your way!!
Cousin Tammy

Life hope and adventures said...

You are just precious Caitlin! : )