Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When unwrapping joy. . .

The very best gifts in the world
are unwrapped

One leaf, one petal, one stem at a time.

And one forgotten bit of birdseed -
if given the chance - will grow
in unexpected places.

Sometimes I forget that only God can unwrap life petals,
And I am impatient with my hair
growing so slow!

But when the sun paints a portrait
nothing can ever hurry
its' gold.

Who am I - to rush and wish?
Both the sun and rain will bring to bloom
in perfect time -

A life - A gift!


Cindy said...

You are beautiful, my sweet girl - hair or no hair! I like the pretty scarf - it matches your eyes. Remember that patience is also gift, a flower, one the grows the more slowly when you most want it to hurry. I love you!

Jason said...


thanks for sharing!

Beth-Anne said...

This was a beautiful blog. You are beautiful and a blessing to all of us.

Heather said...
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4Hisgloryforever said...

Truly a blessing. Thank you for reminding us of the unfolding that must be the experience of true growth.

Life hope and adventures said...

I am SO glad I found you! Thank yor for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us! Your life is a beautiful testimony of faith and trust. Love,