Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gardeners in Peace

I discovered hymn 640 recently and have really enjoyed the words. It is a hymn for gardeners - and we were all meant to be gardeners :)

For the Beauty of Meadows

For the beauty of meadows, for grandeur of trees,
For flowers of woodlands, for creatures of seas,
For all You created and gave us to share,
We praise You, Creator, extolling Your care.

As stewards of beauty received at Your hand,
As creatures who hear Your most urgent command,
We turn from our wasteful destruction of life,
Confessing our failures, confessing our strife.

Teach us once again to be gardeners in peace;
All nature around us is ours but on lease;
Your name we would hallow in all that we do,
Fulfilling our calling, creating with You.


Christy Joy said...

hey! This picture reminded me! Do you think you could bring your moccasins up when you come for the wedding? I was going to wear mine to the wedding but they're just too mustard yellow. But I havn't given up on wearing moccasins yet and I thought maybe I could try yours and see if they would work.

:) :)

Teddy said...

Caitlin, I cant believe I've never seen that one, thats beautiful. We were created to be gardeners, its awful that sin has made life become so much more complicated. But someday soon... And I won't need that old tractor neither :)Those flowers are really pretty too, what type are they? I love learning about plants :)

And Christy, if you would just send me one of your feet, it would only take but a day to make you those white wedding moccasins ;)

Teddy said...

On second glance, some type of rose? :)

Christy Joy said...

lol, let me just screw it off! I do have my foot tracing that we made.

Lol, the thing is, I really don't want white moccasins, appropriate as they might be. Because when would I ever wear them again? They'd get dirty so easily! But man, it would be nice to have some dark brown ones. They'd go a lot better then my mustard yellow ones! ;)

Chopsticks on Oboe said...

Caitlin! That is a really nice hymn! I've never heard it before! Thanks for sharing!

Katalin said...

are you size 7 Christy? perhaps you can fit into mine.

Caitlin said...

Christy I think mine will be to big for you :)But you can try them if you want! haha - I might just fly with them on my feet!... on the airplane I mean. no - worries with security - right? I don't think your moccasins are to mustard yellow at all Christy. But you could dye them or run around in the mud with them or get them wet - just experiement! leather often turns the nicest color after lots of loving use ;)

yes wild roses from my favorite forgotten field.

my favorite part about the garden is the words 'gardeners in peace'. It reminds me of the verses in the bible when God promises to make gardens for His people and that they will sleep safely in the woods.

Anonymous said...

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