Thursday, January 28, 2010

What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fall?

I saw this question on one of my campers' gmail chat message. It made me think. And I'm still thinking about it.

What would I do if I knew that I wouldn't fall?

What dreams in my heart have I not let sprout?
What would I learn if I had the courage to try?
What would I say if I knew it would be heard?
What would I become if I thought I could?
What would I build if I knew it would last?

Then what is the risk? What is the fear?
What are the doubts between me and there?
The fear is I'm small, incapable, and slow.
The risks maybe measured from sky to ground!
And doubts only multiply the wind within.

But what use is a dream if it never sprouts?
What shelved wisdom has saved a life?
What thought unspoken changed the world?
What old oak grew strong without wind?
What doubt built a better brick then hope?


Christen said...

Wow! That's deep...Thanks for sharing. :D It's inspiring!

Força Jovem - Brasil, AM said...

Oi Caitlin, quanta saudades eu estou sentindo de você, sinto muito sua falta...Uau, isso tudo é incrivel. vou sempre visitar seu blog...até.

Your sister in Christ

P.S.: Manda seu e-mail pra eu poder falar com você...

Anonymous said...

I was invited ice skating this weekend. I do not like skating. The reason: I do not like falling.

The bigger the risk the bigger the reward. I often wish it wasn't so. Until I think of Jesus.

Caitlin said...

Oi Natalia! Sinto falta de voce tambem! Pode entender meu blog? Visitar sempre! Acho que eu preciso comencar usando orkut pra falar com todo gente la. Abracos e bejios!

Jackie: :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts! And yes - no one was faced with more risk then Jesus. I was thinking about that, among many other things, as I wrote this.

Anonymous said...


Teddy said...

It would be a long, long list. But I think now I would start with learning to read another language ;) I didn't know your blog was so international!

Cindy said...

"Uou!" I love it! May I copy it and take it to work?