Monday, November 9, 2009


old crockpots
mushroom jars (other little jars)
candle wicks
crayons for color
scented oils


Jen said...

Yay for candle making and later, apple sauce canning events. What shall we do next in our homesteading series? ;) Lets do something different- like a build a sod house on our tiny yard?! that would be cool!! ...hmm where can we find some good sod..

Teddy said...

Count me in!! I'll be there in 14 hours with all the sod my truck can carry. Does anyone have a trailer I can borrow?

Caitlin said...

hehe - I love you guys! Teddy I think you should put a horse or two in the trailer instead of sod.
I've never been in a sod house - I think it would be fun! and probably would have lots of four-footed visitors...
roommate - thanks for lighting candles last night - it was cozy lovely!