Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two Jesus Barabbas's

The following insights were sent to me by my Daddy; an excerpt from something he recently found in his studies. It touched my heart deeply, so I asked his permission to publish it here so that it could touch others too. Thank you Daddy.


Mark 15:7 “Now there was one being called Barabbas with the fellow insurrectionists, having been bound (and was still bound) who in the insurrection had committed murder.” (pluperfect –emphasizing results)

In Mark 14:36, Jesus was crying out “Abba, Father, all things are possible (for) You, take away this cup from me, but not what I desire, but what You (desire).” Jesus uses the expression in Aramaic “Abba” meaning father. It is interesting that Barabbas is an Aramaic word—two words “Bar” and “Abba” meaning “father’s son”.

Here we have Jesus the “Father’s Son” appealing to God to take away this cup. God the Father chooses not to take it away. And then we have one called “father’s son” who had killed someone in an uprising. The crowd rejects the “Father’s Son” in favor of a“father’s son”.

In fact in Matthew 27:16 it says, “And they had then a notorious prisoner being called Jesus Barabbas.” So this man’s name is Jesus, son of a father”, or “Jesus, father’s son”.

It doesn’t seem like it is an accident that the man brought out to be freed/forgiven in place of “Jesus, the Father’s Son” is named, Jesus, father’s son”.

There were two Jesus Barabbas’s there that morning. What they had in common was: the name—Jesus, Father’s/father’s Son/son, which is no accident, both were humans, and both were bound. But that is where the similarity stops.

One was being bound against his will. One voluntarily stepped forward to be bound.

One was on trial for taking life. One was on trial for giving life.

One could not free himself, but wanted to. One could have freed Himself, but chose not to.

One was on trial for fighting a physical battle. One was on trial for fighting a spiritual battle.

One was fighting for an earthly kingdom. One was fighting for a heavenly kingdom.

One’s weapon was force. The others' weapon was love.

One claimed to be the son of a father. One claimed to be the Son of the Father.

One was a taker. One was a giver.

One was on trial as a murderer which he was. One was on trial as a murderer which He was not.

One was the son of a human father and human mother. The other was the Son of the Divine Father and a human mother.

One’s purpose in life was retaliation. The Other’ was reconciliation.

One came to give someone else the “what for”. The Other came to forgive all for whatever.

One’s destiny was death, but was freed. The others destiny was freedom, but took death.

Jesus Barabbas—father’s son


Jesus Barabbas—Father’s Son—who cried out “Abba” Father, all things are possible with You. Take away this cup from me. However, not what I desire, rather what You desire.” If You want me to be beaten, tortured and crucified for all the sons of a father, for all the Barabbas’s, Your will be done.”

I am Barabbas.
I am bound.
I am on trial. I cannot free myself.
My destiny is death.

But now my bondage is broken.
My name is cleared.
I am free.
My destiny is Life.

My prayer:
Not my desires,
But Yours.


Lorrie said...

wow! How interesting and amazing!

Andrew Whtilow said...

that was very interesting. thanks.