Friday, May 29, 2009


Looking out from the little Adventist church that is flooded by the rising river. The Amazon rises, on average, 20 meters during the rainy season - this year it is already reaching record levels and there is the month of June left for the waters to rise. The church members here lost all their crops due to the flooding. We stopped here on the way back from doing a clinic in Manacaparu to leave food supplies with the members.

An evangelistic series that was held underneath a house. It was a 20 day series and 30 people were baptized at the end of it! A new church!

Freash fish ready for market

The boat that is based in Coari

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Joel said...

Wasn't David Asscherick's first evangelistic series under a house too? That's awesome!

I've heard in the news that the flooding in Brazil is pretty bad--and it definitely looks that way from your pictures.