Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vital Item Survey

Upon being daunted by the overwhelming task of packing for 6 months I have conducted a survey to decrease the probability of forgetting a vital item for survival.

Each participant was asked the following two questions;

1. What one item would you take with you that could save someones life?

2. What is the one item that you could not live without?

Here are the results:

Daddy - "A Bible"
"A Bible."

Mommy - "I would start to panic if I had to save someones life."
"Music and my sewing machine"

Nathan - "My hands... my brain"

Shaila - "For you, your violin"
"deoderant, body spray - when you smell nice you have a better day"

Jen - "My multi-tool"
"My car"

Jon V. - "A pocket knife"
"um... ? chapstick... water bottle?"

Christy Joy - "Do you mean their spiritual life, or their physical life?" ... "A Bible, and a knife."
"My clothes."

I'm curious to know if any other readers have handy tips / ideas!


Little Christen said...

What about charcoal??

Kelsey said...

I agree with Nathan. My Answer: Probably my brain and it's attached appendages. I like to think it holds a lot of things. ;)

Love the new picture! I'll add you to my prayer list. I enjoyed talking to you last night too!

Caitlin said...

hehe! I was wondering when somebody was going to bring that up! I'm going to pick some up this evening... as I recently realized that I have none yet.

Christy said...

oh dear, my answer seems rather foolish. Clothes! Really, Christy, really! However, I don't think anyone would want to be evangelizing naked. Not good for the witness, you know!

and I absolutely love Shaila's answer. You can tell that she know's you QUITE well!

How's all the music fitting in? :D

Thomson said...

the best thing to do is to go in a quiet place and think for a long time and take a paper and pen and just write down everything that comes to you don't get up too quickly you have to relax when making the list

Caitlin said...

Thomson - somehow that sounds exactly like something you would do! Thanks for the advice :)

Christy - I will always have room for music!